101 Things to do with a box

Adapted from Karen Prior https://clickertraining.com/node/167

Sooo I didn’t get everyone out before it got too hot today. Great. Two young spaniels with no walk and a baby.

Enter Karen Prior’s 101 things to do with a box. This game makes them think, tiring them out mentally. Perfect for hot weather.

Things You Will Need

  • A dog
  • A box (I filled mine with water)
  • Some food (depends on the dog, if the dog isn’t interested you need something the dog likes more) I used Mia’s breakfast – no additional calories
  • A conditioned marker, a clicker will work best in my opinion but a marker word such a ‘yes’ can also be used. This link will take you to a video by Victoria Stilwell explaining how to condition a clicker https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7TxvHDVX2rQ

Click every time the dog orientates (looks at, moves towards, touches) towards the box, what you end up with is down to you and the dog. A poodle, for example, is likely to use their paws to investigate. So once your dog has figured out he gets a click for touching the box, make it more specific – has to be his right foot, or both feet at the same time, do you want the foot inside the box? If the dog gets bored go backwards and widen the goal posts (click for looking again) then finish the session. Always end on a high.

I ended up with Mia drinking from the box. She’s an odd bod.

Don’t do it for ages, it’s tiring for the dog and we want to keep it fun. 15 minutes should be about right, you know your dog, end it before they get bored. Mia has done this before some don’t worry if you don’t get anything in 1.30 minutes!!

I’m not the best at videos and William is whinging as well as playing with a giraffe that clicks πŸ˜‚ there is a definite difference ​​in the tone though. Also excuse the mess, Chester was playing with a plastic bottle earlier.

Any questions, ask away.




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