Doggy Ice Lolly

These are pretty, fun and easy to make. The kids could even (help) make them. 

All you need is a freezer and a mould. If you don’t have lolly moulds,  paper/plastic cups or Tupperware work fine.

Ingredients are flexible, be adventurous think sweet potato, meat, fish, banana, just double check what you choose isn’t going to poison your dog. 


  • Peanut Butter (Xylitol and palm oil free, these are poisonous to dogs)
  • Raspberries 
  • Blueberries 
  • Water
  • Cream Cheese
  • Venison Strip for the stick

Put the peanut butter in the bottom, followed by a couple of each berry. Pour a little bit of water in to cover the berries, then gently layer on some cream cheese before popping the ‘stick’ (treat) in the top last. Freeze for 2 hours/until frozen. 

Pictures of your creations are welcome on my FB:

Please don’t give them to very hot dogs. 

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