The Day of The Window


My Wednesday was pretty similar to most apart from everything happening 2 hours earlier than usual, get up, feed baby, drink coffee and walk dogs. 

We had our rental inspection today so I spent the following 3 hours in the ridiculous heat cleaning and tidying like a woman possessed, while Darren looked after the baby with ‘the worst hangover I’ve ever had’. 

The lady arrives and I suggest she looks at the garden first, so I can put the dogs there, out the way while she does the rest of the house. I was pleased with my plan. What could go wrong?? 

Here’s what. Mia could jump through the fucking kitchen window (from the garden), and in the process smash everything on the window sill. (She actually jumped through a bloody window. It will not sink in, I keep getting flashbacks.) You know that shout/scream you save up for really serious, life threatening emergencies? Yeah that. That came out my mouth, mid conversation with this poor lady. Right. In. Her. Face. Luckily all I could manage was ‘MIA!’ 

It gets better.

I went onto explain how the cold tap on the bath wasn’t working. So she dutifully goes to have a look. Boom. The tap works. It’s set to shower not bath. She gets a face full of cold water. 

This is why I hate ‘adult’ arrangements, even if I think I have it down, my menagerie will show our real life. You’re welcome and yes I have gin. And tonic. 

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