The Grass is Most Definitely NOT Green

Having never had the ‘joys’ of a garden before I was brimming with excitement when we found a cottage to rent with a garden. 

I envisaged all the fresh produce William could eat, free from pesticides and other nasties. This hasn’t really happened so far, bar the odd lettuce leaf (there’s potential for tomatoes 😬😲). Apparently you have to grow everything in pots when renting and I can’t fork out for a load of pots, seeds soil etc. (I shouldn’t need soil as I have a compost bin, but there seems to be an entire Christmas tree wedged in there). 

I also couldn’t wait for Mia and Chester to have a garden, I wouldn’t have to get everyone suited and booted just so they could have a wee 🍾 

Anyway, 6 months down the line, yes they can wee outside without much effort on my part. Or so you would think, until you realise how badly dogs and grass mix. Dog wee = Dead grass. Dog play = War zone. At least we will have a build in mud kitchen for William. 

With my gardening head (‘landlords are hell bent on keeping our huge deposit’  head) on I got to work on the lawn. I bought a lawn repair kit and some sticks to try and keep the dogs off. So far, Mia has eaten a lot of my lawn repair kit, straight from the lawn and attacked a few of the sticks. Whilst Chester clearly decided to take up agility behind my back and has been practising his weaving using my little ‘lawn repair in progress’ fence. 

They are now playing in the living room because they can’t play outside (‘lawn repair in progress’). And I’m thrilled because 3 months ago they would’ve been fighting. 

🐾If your dog eats lawn repair kit please seek veterinary attention. 

🐾If your dogs are fighting don’t try and encourage play in your living room, it’s best to speak to a trainer or behaviourist because it’s a complex nightmare. 

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