About Me

My name is Louise, I live in Emsworth with my partner, Darren, my son, William and our 2 English Springer Spaniels. It’s all a bit crazy.

Having launched myself from reality and into the world of dogs. I am a Tutor with Puppy School Chichester and run classes in Emsworth and Westbourne. 

How I Work

  • Force free, reward based training
  • Fully insured
  • Maximum of 4 dogs per walk
  • Fewer dogs mean less time is spent  in the car and more on interaction and supervision
  • CPD Courses are regularly undertaken
  • The environment is hugely important to me, in an attempt to lower our impact on it we will only be using biodegradable poo bags from June 2017

Why BumbleBee Walks I hear you ask…. 

Firstly, BumbleBee is a name Darren came up with for William in one of the early, sleep deprived weeks, and it has stuck.

Secondly, I like bees and they are important for our existence, hopefully there will be bee themed fundraising, anything to help their plight.

Thirdly, (this could be oversharing) I got bored of trying to think of a name. I got bored of  dog themed rhyming. I am currently reading enough books with dubious ‘rhymes’ not to have anymore circling through my brain (what is left of it, that is).

This site is very young and I will be adding to it on a (hopefully) regular basis so please keep checking in.